Title: Zombies corsets wholesale in the natural world
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Blog Entry: MIKE SZYDLOWSKI CPS科学Corsets 批发 协调 僵尸 :从民间传说中创建,描述一个由一些神奇力量恢复生机的尸体。     僵尸 长袍长裙 在电影,书籍甚至电子游戏“植物大战僵尸”中扮演着重要的角色。 僵尸往往像从死里复活的无意识的生物一样攻击活着的人类。 人类僵尸背后的科学故事是什么? 没有科学背景; 他们不存在。     However, there are zombie-like creatures in our natural world. These natural zombies are created when a parasite invades the organism and takes over the functions of that organism to benefit the parasite. A parasite is an organism that lives on or in a host and gets its food at the expense of the host. In the natural zombie examples, the parasite is able to get inside the organism's brain and control it. Let's learn about a few of these bizarre zombie-like interactions: ZOMBIE jkljkdasdfsa ANTS Tropical carpenter ants live high up in the rainforest canopy. When they are infected by a parasitic fungus, the ants change behavior. The ants start behaving in a zombie-like way and are controlled by the fungus. The fungus causes the ants to drop down nearer to the ground, where the cooler temperatures help the fungus grow. Even stranger, the fungus will walk the ant to an optimal area for fungal reproduction. Then, at solar noon, the fungus causes the ant to want to take a bite into the main vein of a leaf. The fungus does not allow the jaw to loosen its grip on the vein, and the ant dies, hanging from its jaws while the fungus continues to reproduce in the ant's body. The mysterious piece that scientists still wonder about is how a fungus is able to control the brain of an ant. It is not that the ant starts losing brain function; it is the fact that the fungus is actually able to control the brain to get the ant to move and die in a location that is best for the fungus. That is a fascinating mystery. ZOMBIE SNAILS A parasite called Leucochloridium paradoxum turns healthy snails into zombie-like creatures. When the parasite invades the snail, it travels through the digestive system while reproducing. Its final act is the most strange. The parasite causes one of the snail's tentacles to turn into a swollen, colorful, wiggling, worm-life structure. This very obvious swollen tentacle is meant to attract birds into eating the snail. Even stranger, the parasite controls the brain to make the snail want to travel into the sun, which snails never wish to do. It does not take long for birds to find the snail with its swollen, worm-like tentacle waving around when it moves into the sunny location. The parasite will then travel through the bird's digestive system (without harming it) and will exit in the bird's droppings. The bird droppings attract snails, which will then become infected with the parasite. PLANTS It's not just animals that can be affected by a zombie curse. When a plant is infected by parasitic bacteria called phytoplasmas, the bacteria target the molecules that are responsible for making flowers. The flowers turn into green, leafy shoots. Because the plants no longer have a way to reproduce, the plant is living only for the benefit of the parasite. In an evolutionary sense, the plant is dead, the scientists explain. The only function of the plant now is to help the bacteria reproduce. Now that the parasite has shut down the plant, the parasite needs to reproduce. It does this by producing fungal cells in the leafy shoots. When insects bite into the plant, it takes in some of the bacteria, which will then spread to more plants as the insect travels. COCKROACHES When a cockroach is stung by a jewel wasp, the cockroach loses all ability to make decisions for itself. Instead, the wasp uses one of the cockroach's antennas to walk it wherever it wishes like a dog. The wasp will walk the cockroach into its underground home and lay eggs on the underside of the cockroach. When the eggs hatch, they will feed on the cockroach until old enough to emerge above ground. Although true zombies do not exist, there are quite a few examples in the natural world where tiny organisms can enter and control the brain of a much larger host. The deep mystery that is yet to be figured out is how an outside invader can control the mind of another organism. Lucky for you, your most important interaction with a zombie will take place on the computer screen and not in real life.'