Title: However the IAAF's other FUT Coins
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Blog Entry: FIFA President Sepp Blatter last year.The Justice  FUT Coins  Department probe alleges that bribes and kickbacks worth more than $150 million were paid out over two decades regarding tournaments in North America and South America.Former CONCACAF powerbroker and FIFA vice-president Chuck Blazer helped lift the lid on the murky inner-workings of the region, serving as an informant to federal investigators probing corruption. Nike could become sponsors of the IAAF after adidas revealed desire to end its deal early due to athletics doping scandal | Daily Mail Online. Nike is expected to be offered the opportunity to take over as an IAAF sponsor after it was revealed that rival sportswear giant adidas wants to end its deal four years early.Adidas is in talks with athletics' world governing body to pull the plug on its sponsorship in the wake of the doping scandal which has rocked the sport.  However the IAAF's other sponsors are so far standing by the organisation, including Canon which said it had no plans to seek an early exit from its  Cheap FIFA Coins  deal.Sources have confirmed that adidas' lawyers are looking to end the deal but IAAF insiders insist that it will not mean a major financial blow for the organisation.