Title: A couple of minutes before that 4MS2
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Blog Entry: Mane had also, coincidentally, been Liverpool's best player  4MS2  until that point. He had made John Stones and particularly Nicolas Otamendi look desperately uncomfortable. Gabriel Jesus headed City into a 2-0 lead before the interval, leaving the Reds an uphill task Aguero was unselfish in setting up Jesus for his second of the afternoon as City ran riotOne Mane turn and pass to Mohamed Salah after half an hour should have led to a Liverpool equaliser at the Etihad after Sergio Aguero had put City ahead midway through the half. A couple of minutes before that. Mane had struck fear into City's defence with a mesmerising run that was brought to a crashing end when he was scythed down by Fernandinho.City were impressive, although how impressive was difficult to judge because their opponents were at a one-man disadvantage for so long.Kevin De Bruyne, in particular, was a joy to watch and. Aguero's unselfish pass to Gabriel Jesus for City's third goal was a sign of a team beginning to buy into Pep Guardiola's ideal of collective beauty. Leroy Sane came off the substitutes bench to score twice during a very impressive cameo The game swung firmly in City's favour in the 37th minute after Sadio Mane's red card Ederson was caught in the cheek by a high boot and referee Jon Moss dismissed Mane. Ederson lay prone on the ground following the 50-50 collision  buy Maple Story Mesos  which was a major talking pointCity may have won 5-0 in the end but that should not obscure the fact that their defence still looked fragile in the half an hour and more before Mane was sent off. With City trying to play offside.