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Blog Entry: "MapleStory," the long-running free-to-play MMO started to North  Maple M Mesos  America in 2005, will eventually introduce the protagonist which has played a key role in its narrative for more than ten years, Nexon announced.The Black Mage arrives with the launch of a new update now out in North America. The update was released in Korea this summer. Participants who are level 200 or higher and who have completed their fifth job progress -- a profession level that has been improved in this update for each class -- will be able to access two new zones within"MapleStory's" Tenebris area: the Labyrinth of fretting and the final Tenebris region named Limina. Once the Maple Alliance assembles enough Determination to power the Spark of Determination, the Black Mage Boss Battle will arise. But it will be difficult to harm him and he won't be killed in a single fight. Now in Big Boss form, the Black Mage's wellness issues are actually shared across all players and servers and will need players around all servers to hack away. It is only once his health is reduced enough he'll adopt an alternate form where he could wield new powers. The last stage in this narrative is very likely to arrive next year. Additionally, the update adds new defense missions into the game. The very first, Flame Bird Service sees gamers summon a flame bird to defeat  best MS Mesos site  monsters. Twilight Defense, a brand new multi-character mission, includes 2-4 characters join forces against enemies using cannons from beneath castle walls. In the end, in War at Sea players must defeat enemies on ships within the time limit.