Title: posterity saint soldiers to al
Description: "How can so, connect to pull an enemy to set out to all can not do it together?" Many person Sis of Wang Jia roar, all the air distorts, was full of unwilling. "My clan if put out, some other day you will also be disaster is upon us, the south Ling will be killed a skeleton depletion, completely devastated ……Wang Jia's person curse. "That's right, too the thou blood royal will be born, you break my Wang Jia Shen's soil, and the some other day necessarily will be washed by the blood!"The cachinnation of Wang Jia public cruelty. Pretty the clan grows up a track:"Early know that you has illicit intercourse with too ancient clan, today be first in addition to you, in case the some other day becomes great trouble …… Pretty the king also opened mouth, way:"Too the thou blood royal can't distinctly take the offensive person's clan, your hopes perhaps want get empty …… "The weapon of time immemorial ancestry, please burn, ruin all enemies." "My clan's big saint remits of soldier, please follow ancestral of will, protect me clan with each other, with owner greatly teach jade accompany Fen" Women Prada Trainers Many people of Wang Jia kowtowed down to prostrating un worshiping in the sky and kowtowed to the purple electricity hammer.At the same time, many old men read a phrase, invoke the bottom Yun of end. Though they know that doing like this is useless, basically cans not holds out against that war absolute being in the sky a might of god of palm, but also wants to present, carry on the madness of end. The purple electricity hammer is blazing, the auspicious atmosphere steams Teng, the big jet of gas interest fills the air, be like drill through ten thousand ancient various sky of, it really wants jade to accompany Fen and wants to ruin with moreover two saint soldiers together. "Everythings are all useless ……" leaf any. Tens of thousands pretty the clan battalion together urge a fairy stove to still have stone ax, carry on a resisting of end and have no the madness of fearing to Wang Jia. And, most is important of BE, still have in the sky a pretty the thou fight absolute being, at this time already in the town press too a thou Zu monster, such as a head of sit to ride similar heel by the side of its body, condescend to come but under. "Qiang" Pretty clan the big saint is blunt sky of the stone ax loosing to stay but up, hang a piece the near front i Cheap Prada Sale s at the absolute being source and broke out to let a while people terrible breathing, this pretty thou big fellow one person urge and lift a hand to still want at the same time than tens of thousands cavalries terror a lot of. "Weng …… The stone ax cleavage Qiong in the sky presses to fall downward, that purple electricity hammer immediately shivered, even in the real saint Wei, it doesn't have a host who agrees with to hold Zhang, not enemy. The purple electricity hammer internal world flies the so-called bottom Yun of , one after another Jing 70% flies ash, people didn't see pure is what, be ruined by the pretty ancient big fellow. " ……Not!……Wang Jia is public to tore heart crack of shouting loudly of lung. But the all these root is useless, hurt the innumerable words of to also can not compare with the time of winning Mou for an instant, they all despair. The purple electricity hammer wants combustion, internal of the absolute being 袛 first essentials flounce and even want from ruin, but have no effect. "Weng" The unreal is one Zhan, stone ax at pretty the thou fight a divine control under, opened an internal small world, swallowed a purple electricity hammer Na go in, in the whole world of the terrible motion disappeared. "Brush" The ray of light is one Shan, this pretty thou big fellow's taking be too taken by the town a thou Zu monster to also submerge stone ax together, disappear disappear. Men 2014 Prada Trainers Huge ax land, heavy time pretty clan battalion sky, flow to turn saint spirit. Arrive son now, general situation already settle, Wang Jia's all bottom Yuns even take to bequeath to posterity saint soldiers to all lose, have no dint time for day any further. "Ma Ta Bei is original, sweep Wang Jia!…… "We will complete a heroic act and overrun the tradition of an immortality, I the clansmen revenge, Yang the Wei of my clan!"