Title: Human body front each have
Description: God's way and blare, endless way the flower is blooming, leaf any drowns with Li Hei Shui, the absolute being on the stage Xin joss-stick comes into nostrils, fragrance repeatedly, intertexture various big way veins. "No wonder that the ancient works have been already jotted down, greatly becoming the blood of saint body may compare an absolute being medicine, over there horrifyingly in once saved many war allies that get close to die a territory to live to come over ……" People see a leaf any of blood unexpectedly at drive out black all peep out happy expression only, know that Li Hei Shui shoulds be able to save. Suddenly, the medicine joss-stick is fragrant, leaf any takes out a jade clean bottle of, after opening to print, immediately had 36 little dragons that isn't enough inch of to grow to hurtle out, let the whole slice of ancient tribes all spiritual influence four overflow. "Burst" Leaf any played softly an one breath and turned 12 among them to open and became blazing one ray of light and wrapped up Li Hei Shui and and then re- sealed 24 rest little dragons to print into a bottle. This is the liquid drop of absolute being dragon deathless medicine that gets from ten thousand dragon nests, is as concomitant as the coffin Guo of malicious emperor but living, always drive any Jean of leaf but weigh again of collect, now then and finally send last big use. "Deathless absolute being medicine, came back from the brink of death to have no problem, contrary also have to greatly overflow place-Keep form but change substance!"Pretty the ageds of clan all can not help marveling. "Bomb!" Cheap Prada Sale Finally, the gold guts seethes, Li Hei Shui the joints Mao Pa of the whole body makes ring, he cannot helps but shouting loudly. "Like, lead again for half month, you are again a good brave fellow, definitely Long Jing Hu is fierce."Leaf any grows a body but rise, all over is all beaten by the sweat wet. "Is really a good news, come, our big piece eats meat, big bowl of drink!"Is pretty a clan Be old to say with smile. "I also want to go."The dish sits on Li Hei's waterway of absolute being on the stage. "You still keep lookinging at us to eat Peng meat and old bar."It is many to smile. "Keep wound well, kill together with me when the time comes east Huang, look for a huge Bo and black emperor their whereabouts, thou emperor's blood again how, I go to a meeting this time meeting they!"Leaf any. Who die he believes, the only black emperor perishes, he thinks to without resort to a table most , so one makes him see to arrive all head big dog, perhaps ratio who can live longly. Leaf any feels, is that he be killed, that dog most likely also really has no vivaciously living of the sense of honor down.RO!~! Chapter 786 calls plank too thou blood royal Is a bright moon night again, pretty the gold guts in the clan tribe fills the air, the Long Long is like roll of thunder, continuous half month, any everyday of leaf takes the saint blood of oneself as Li Hei Shui to baptize and lets many people all surprise. This basically isn't a treatment so simple, this is pure for helping it to practice moral teachings, leaf any washes away dirt its body by the blood of gold at any cost, a day a change saint blood. The absolute being dragon deathless medicine matches a way, the saint blood chain body, these come to the pain of Li Hei Shui to combine a happiness and keep form but change substance, was almost a Tui to drop a meat hull, reborn a new body. Finally, once he sweep the color of Wei Mi, spirit Yi Yi, the body flows treasure Hui and raise hand to lift enough all the way blares of sound. In those early years, leaf any beginning went into north the area absolute being city wager stone, all was helped each other by Li Hei Shui, slowly backlog, just had the capital to break to curse afterwards. Women Prada Trainers Is for this reason, he too much asks for help of own many spirit Wus all all the saint blood the branding at all costs at inside Li Hei Shui's body, let it match a way and bellow, the advantage getting is huge. These ten several in the last yearses, he is making track for to kill in grow up of, experienced a whetting of ordinary people hard imagination difficult, now then wait if turn way and Nie at a time, a jump to become religious leader class person. Campfire before the heap, leaf any, Li Hei Shui, fierce sky of, the Ji my elder brother younger sister, east pretty etc. Human body front each have one altar old wine, the public joyful is drink to heart's content, hot is matchless. Often"still have a flock of old pretty the son walk and snort and stare in anger, an is more fierce than a young tiger, put together wine with them, let the young man all can not sustain the blows. Leaf's son didn't conceal and related oneself to sail across purple tiny thou the process of the star area, public and matchless and shocked all could not say words for a long time very much with dream.