Title: house and go to heaven as a fa
Description: The "impossibly, more than 10 ten thousand yearses ago, our ancestries still just did the store, dollar in week strive for these Ru hairs in the place to drink blood, how can existence monk this" huge Bo shook head And then, he again foolish live, he with how may the thinking on the earth comprehend everything of this world?Can not settle a mysterious theory to just go Since appeared Lao Tze, first Qin Lian annoys a private person like this, so the ancient year probably is completely different with the cognition in the proper thinking, probably really once existed the war of absolute being The myth legend on the earth is getting tooer many, and with some connections in the world of the this place, some even can corroborate each other and have ever really once existed? "Found out, here ……" leaf any, huge Bo and two old men cautiously read the ancient works that is printed with way line and up mentioned a chain spirit private and spoke star sky thou road However, jot down really too little, only some phrases of keys, this is the emperor sub- old age to sit to turn record, is what some time take care of the young hear, but unreal the big emperor actually once said what, don't record pure, only have misty memory "Must be the Earth" leaf any is stunned with huge Bo "Still have …… the war of forehead" even stares black emperors the eyes are tongue-tied, stare at the last phrase, the Zheng Zheng doesn't already appear lost in thought The person of Ji house but smile, there are many old curios shaking head, saying don't take seriously, that is what emperor son heard while being young, have been misty, until he sits to turn, just come out, be recorded by the posterity from the language some have already been confirmed, many stories that is all unreal emperor sub- childhood years to hear aren't true and have according to can look for "The war of forehead" leaf any has no from the language because of they but falter some viewpoints within heart, is definitely having many unknown secrets on the earth, disappear at history long river in Men 2014 Prada Trainers "Still have a cripple diagram" browses till the last, they saw dime country diagram and engraved a big Yue and had no text Yu "Is some to be like Mount Taishan" leaf any with huge Bo in every aspect and mutually Qu, more see more be like "This is the emperor son to depend on a my memory description of mold in heart before sitting to turn, think the sacred mountain diagram of drawing" Mount Taishan, declare world first mountain, the ancient times is seen the ground of making the sun just born creation growth, the historical records has been already recorded, mountain nothing is greater than it, history Mo Gu in it "Lao Tze west letter entrance to valley, drive a cow but go, but left the Earth, was good enough to prove that many legends are true" huge Bo way The main"you say of Lao Tze, but an old man who rides a green cow" Ji house suddenly asks a way "Quite good" "I once saw" the main openings of Ji house "Burst" Leaf any with huge Bo in of realized the truth tea and drinks to all spray to go out, peep out an unimaginable color, really shocked, the beautiful maid quickly comes up to tidy up "Saw a clan old to face to come in such a person when I made, very social morals …" saint lord way in Ji house come That is the business of more than 2,000 year agos, he is still young, to the honored guest in the clan also can far view, can not say more what, the after the event knows, that is since then a difficult to know person, just for visit the tradition of unreal big emperor "Speak of an area foreign guest, pour is once took place several" one activates a stone way If walk over there, their root can't speak these Mi Xin, a Chinese family name, now then leaf any is good enough to combine a theory with them, and oneself come from in addition to area, for this reason just had so many words, wanted to totally explore Cheap Prada Trainers A few ancient workses are delivered, unfortunately hard see a successful in career clue, don't know that that several people come from which ancient star of area, Be different from to relate to the Earth, and is hard to grope for a clues to come "I really want that immediately returning to star sky is another on carrying, leaf do you say that we can dig a fragment and historic relic of forehead?"Huge Bo way "This …… still really don't well say" leaf any touches a chin deliberation Finally, leaf any they ask to the Ji house and go to heaven as a fairy a fairy valley where actually, it is a very mysterious place to be told that, at one big Huang in