Title: The NFL official Twitter relea
Description: The NFL official Twitter released a video tweet on Monday. The video shows that Bilicek was teaching Chubu how to break the line of defense and personally regulating the movement of Chub. After the training, Bilishek and the local defensive coach Brendan Daly and Chub handshad, Chub said that Bilicek's instructions made him flattered and benefited, just as he wanted to express his hope. When joining the Patriots, Bilicek quickly gave him a cold water: "Don't be silly, we only have 31st place, and I haven't had a chance to meet you ." The 6-foot-4 height and 275-pound Bradley Chubb are the best rushers in this draft, although Chub’s defensive end in college, but can actually be any of the defensive strikers Location: In the 2017 season, Chubu completed 10 rounds of killing, as well as a strong ability to make conversions to the ball, won the National Player of the Year Award, the National Best Defensive Endpoint Award, and was named to the National First-Generation College Lineup. Experts believe that He will be selected in the fifth place in the draft before this year's draft.