Title: Arsene Wengers Arsenal is dis
Description: Heynckes decided to retire this summer, so Tuchel once linked up with Bayern, but he himself has already rejected this opportunity. Judging from the current situation, it is very likely that Tochel will travel to the Premier League this summer because he has already started negotiations with Arsenal . Arsene Wenger's Arsenal is disappointing this season. The league is sluggish and can only be ranked sixth. Although Wenger's contract expires next season, he has a great chance of leaving this summer, and Tuchel may become a successor. Interestingly, both Mashtalan and Obamayan of Arsenal are once Tuche’s disciples and the three are expected to work together again at the Emirates Stadium. In addition, Chelsea, another London-based Premier League tycoon, is also associated with Tohel. As Conte’s work has not been approved by Abu, the Blues are also brewing for a coaching change.