Title: Despite the fact that the scor
Description: The statistics of Pogba's time in the Manchester United era did not significantly decline compared to the Serie A era. Despite the fact that the scoring efficiency has declined, the commanding power given by Mourinho's midfield has given him a significant increase in tactical weight. Pogba's biggest trouble is not that he does not have the ability to FIFA Coins act as an offensive axis, nor does his level of players around him enough, but Mourinho lacks details that are not good at detailing offensive tactics and does not have the ability to continue to enrich. The ability to establish tactics and promote their development. The Dream Theater’s blitzkrieg on Leicester (2016.09.23) was the first time Bogba made a comeback after returning to the Premier League. Manchester United, who was on the move, relied on the left-hand offensive to control the rhythm. The French relied on a strong body to keep the ball and rely on the skillfulness. The technology and the overall situation combined with the withdrawal of Ibrahimovic. The young Rushford and Lingard added more free runs to create space for Borgba.