Title: McDavid once again scored 100
Description: In the backcourt, one group is Tyson Barry's partner Nikita Zadorov, the second is Samuel Girard's partner Patrick Nemes, and the third is Walsovsky and Mark - Olt. Barry had 3 goals and 4 assists in the past two weeks, which provided strong support for the team's offensive and defensive stance. However, it is unknown how another general Eric Johnson’s injury will affect the team. In the position of NHL Coins the goalkeeper, Samyang-Varamov, the main player in the game, made 30 saves, but he didn't finish the game until he was injured in 53 minutes. Whether he can play in the game will be the impact of the avalanche. The key to the playoffs. In the 16 games last month, McDevy scored 13 goals, scored 28 points, led the league, and scored the top score in the league. He led the team to 7 wins and 7 losses last month. Negative results. In 16 games, he scored in 13 games, including 5 three-pointers in a single game. Among them, there was a 4th single-game career in the 22nd when he faced the Ottawa Senators. Minute. In 16 games, McDavid has scored in 10 of them, including the longest five consecutive games in the career created March 22-29. In addition, he scored the winning goal in the match on March 10 and 24. The 21-year-old McDavid is currently leading the league in scoring by overtaking Tampa Bay Lightning's left-wing Nikita Kuklov, who has long been dominant in the league since December 12. On March 27, McDavid once again scored 100 points in a single season, becoming the seventh player in the history of the league to break 100 in two seasons before the age of 22, and McDavid will hopefully become the player of the 1997-98 to 2000-01 season. Jaromir Jaco was the first defender to score the king's players.