Title: Initiate and cause contact
Description: For now, the change in this rule has brought a lot of confusion and anxiety to all parties in the alliance. It will change the technical and tactical actions of different levels of rugby players. However, due to NFL Coins the unpredictable and hurried introduction of this provision, many related issues still need further answers. We can be sure for the time being: Now if a player bows and uses a helmet to the opponent" "Initiate and cause contact", then this will be a foul action. The player's team will be subject to a 15 yard code, and the player himself may also be expelled in the same way as the American College Rugby League's rules for players. The NFL consortium will further decide on the details of the provision in the May 21-23 meeting, such as whether the foul player should be forcibly evicted, or whether the referee needs to judge the necessity of expulsion based on the severity of the impact; Whether the referee can rely on video to look at it and make a decision to expel it; the referee enforces the rigorousness of this provision, etc. After all, rugby players often bow and use helmets to reach out to their opponents in the game, and the intensity of such contact also has We need to wait quietly for further changes to this rule.