Title: The blues currently have only
Description: NHL conducted a focused showdown. The St. Louis Blues lost 3-4 at home to the visiting Chicago Black Hawks. Roberto Portozo, Braden Schann, and Vladimir Tarasenko each contributed to NHL Coins the blues. Andreas Martinson, Blake Hillman, and Alex Debringkate were The Blackhawks made meritorious deeds. Blackhawks' spiritual leader, Duncan Keith, hammered out the blues nine seconds before the end of the game. The blues currently have only three games left in the regular season, a point behind one more avalanche team. However, in the last three games they had to fight the enemy Black Hawks in both battles, and the final match would be a direct confrontation with the avalanche. The initiative to enter the playoffs is firmly held in the hands of the blues. Although the Black Hawks have already given up this season early, captain Tauffus also suffered a truce. However, they still hope that they will be able to pull down their rivals. There are also a number of key players in the blues who have suffered injuries, including Upshaw, Schumacher, Soshnikov, Guanarson and Pomister.