Title: At the end of the season
Description: When asked by reporters whether "Manchestery beat Manchester City to sign Sanchez, does it mean that Manchester City can beat", Mourinho said with a smile that Manchester City did not send a quote for Sanchez in January, naturally there would be no The so-called competition. Zhou Zhongxiao laughed at the competition in the Champions League, Mourinho's mood seemed good. He told reporters that since there was no midweek game in the past week, the team could get more training time. This is an ordinary week for Manchester United. He even began to FIFA Coins look forward to the next season: "At the end of the season, you will see how far we are from Manchester City in the standings. Then at the end of next season, you will see that everything will be different. At that time, it was judged whether Manchester United could make progress." In the end Mourinho also talked about Lukaku’s recent good performance: “I'm glad Lukaku has become the best player in Manchester United in March. This is what he deserves. Of course, other players should also be the best players. I personally are not very keen on the selection of the best player. I think that is just a happy thing for the fans. It is a very good communication channel between them and the club through social media interaction."