Title: If Liverpool can receive a yel
Description: If Liverpool can receive a yellow card in the first 45 minutes, it is equivalent to basically completing the harassment mission. At least the Red Army wings are defensive; if the first 45 minutes storm Liverpool a side, can lead to FIFA Coins a Liverpool Redback. Departure, then Guassman City is a big step toward success. Even if the Red Army was torn down by 10 people, the generations of Henderson and Milner were not so good at marking. The chance of Manchester City reversing was much greater. As we all know, Guardiola does not like the high center, so the offensive players available within the team are the likes of Hotsus, Sane, David Silva, Bernardo Silva, and Sterling. "The player." The team has Otto Mendi, Conpani, Stones and other big midfielders. The first thing to do in this game is: When the team wins free kicks and corner kicks in the frontcourt, the double-back center must press in front of each other. The fast-moving edge guards dragged around the middle circle to protect.