Title: This is the key to their colla
Description: Ultimately, with the indiscriminate bombing, the Devil scored 5-2 at home to win the lightning, and the series scored 1-2 to return to the city. Taylor-Hall contributed 1 goal and 2 assists. Andy Green also sent 2 assists. Schneider made 34 saves with a starting rate of 94.4%; Stamlocks, Kuchelov and Kelon in lightning. Send 2 points, Vasilevski contributed 36 times but it was hard to lose. The first round of the NHL playoffs in the 2018 season will continue. The Vegas Cavaliers, who have a 3-0 lead, will continue to play in Los Angeles to challenge the Kings. If they can continue to win, they will become the second player in NHL history in the playoffs. In the first round of the four straight swept opponents to expand the army team, Tencent Sports will be at 10:30 am April 18 in the live broadcast platform for everyone to NHL Coins bring this game live, so stay tuned. Although the field game is comparable to the Golden Knight in terms of offensive dominance, the Kings lag behind their opponents by 5-15 in terms of high threat scoring opportunities. This is the key to their collapse in the third quarter. If this game is not correct, The opponent’s offense will bring restrictions and it will be difficult for the team to win.