Title: Fast forward to July
Description: I think we made the entire development budget within 48 hours of release," Psyonix CEO and design director Dave Hagewood told me when I spoke to Rocket League Items him recently. "I think we were all pinching ourselves a little bit, but I remember it was pretty much our internal chat rooms were just constantly posting one article after the next article after Reddit posts, and just all this stuff that was coming in, and it was such an amazing time." Fast forward to July, and Psyonix is preparing to put a bow on the first full season of competitive play. On Friday they revealed that players will receive limited edition crowns depending on their rank when the season ends, which can then be worn as a Topper on their car's roof. Psyonix will also be introducing item qualities, with orange for limited items from promotional events and green for items acquired from paid DLC. It seems appropriate that Rocket League should introduce crowns in the wake of what has been a transformative year for Psyonix - one that saw them grow substantially while earning numerous awards. Though still very much an independent studio, Psyonix's staff has grown to roughly 50, with many of the new hires being support staff brought in to maintain Rocket League's infrastructure.