Title: Key to Rocket League’s success
Description: First released in 2015 on PS4 and PC, Rocket League’s vital exposure in the PlayStation Plus Instant Games Collection catapulted it into the monumental success story it is today. Since its initial release, Rocket League has been ported to Xbox One, and now it’s arrived on the Nintendo Switch platform to expand its player base even further. If in the unlikely event you’ve never played Rocket League before, the game combines cars and football in a winning formula that instantly hooks you. Two teams of up to four RC battle cars frantically drive around vibrant arenas while trying to bash an oversized ball into a goal that explodes whenever someone scores. Presumably, the developers watched one of Top Gear’s car football films and thought it would apply well to Rocket League Items a video game. Fortunately, it does. Key to Rocket League’s success is its deceptive simplicity. It's accessible for anyone to pick up, play and understand in seconds, but there’s a surprisingly steep learning curve that makes mastering the mechanics incredibly rewarding. Since the ball is physics-based, hitting it requires an element of strategy – scoring a goal with a well-timed jump and somersault while hitting the ball at the right angle takes considerable skill. This tactical gameplay has made Rocket League a popular mainstay in eSports. You don’t even need to be a football fanatic to enjoy Rocket League. I'll be the first to admit that I loathe football - the last football game I played was Fifa 99 on the PS1.