Title: The progression system will be
Description: The progression system will be completely renewed. The maximum level of 75 will disappear, and all players will receive a new level depending on how much they have played the title. Each time you raise the level you will get an unusual, rare, very rare or important object. The experience to Rocket League Items level up will only be gained by playing online, and this will depend on the time played in games and the score obtained in them. Rewards will be introduced for finishing games, for being in casual waiting rooms, for playing with friends ... In addition, those who leave the games will be penalized. Finally, Psyonix will add a "Rocket Pass", a series of challenges that will last a few months and that will grant cosmetic objects as they are completed. There will be a free version and a paid version with exclusive content. Developers from the Psyonix studio announced that the popular Rocket League at the turn of July and August will be given the option of creating teams composed of owners of various platforms.In order to join forces with players using other devices, simply register a login consisting of a name and a unique number, add a friend to a new list of friends and start the game.