Title: Following the impressive Sprin
Description: In addition, Progression 2.0 will change how to Rocket League Keys achieve "exp" in the game. So far, the maximum level has been 75, and your progress has been slower and slower the higher the level you have had. Now you will get a specific number of exp after each match and there will also be new prizes with your level. Where before it was completely random, your level now helps to get Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare or Import items depending on how high / low you are. You can even get new titles and banners at level 100, for those of you who want to brag a little. Following the impressive Spring update, The Rocket League Summer update is currently in the planning by developer, Psyonix. A firm release date for the update has yet to be confirmed, but it’s expected in “late summer”. The Rocket League Summer update will feature the Rocket Pass. Inspired by Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Battle Pass, the Rocket Pass will allow players to earn rewards when they reach certain levels during Season 8 and beyond. The Rocket Pass will have a free and premium (paid) option, and further details will be revealed soon.