Title: We have key players
Description: "The more you get, the more the team spends. There will be limits on what the salary cap will be. We will do our job, be creative and do whatever is possible to improve," Morey said.What is the focus of this summer? Morey said: "We, I mean, I can't talk specifically, but we want to bring back our free agents."Morey said that the owner of the rocket, Tilman Fertita, had been instructed to pay luxury taxes. He said: "We will have a very high-paying team. Tillman has already approved it." So can Morey leave the team's important free agent and increase a top player? Morey said: "We have new math problems."“My job is to Cheap NBA 2K18 MT look at various possibilities. We will explore these. We have key players, as well as coach D'Antoni, Tillman, James (Harden) and Chris (Paul). We must unite Going for some specific players together,” Morey said.