Title: Drive throughout the Aura King
Description: Eager to discover a catchy title, I finally used as pretext the style of Celestial Tower in Aura Kingdom to supply this game to distressing words. Since its launch trapped on tape, the MMORPG Aura Kingdom string of updates capture up on his Asian version. Latest, that relating to 11 February marks each side Heavenly Tour. Ultimate challenge for that player Aura Kingdom looking at the height of 100 floors, merely the first ten amount Celestial Tower are going to be accessible for the moment. Each bearing wants an extra difficulty because of its 40 participants, with many different bosses and rewards. To attempt the ascent, it can primarily reach level 60. On the kind of "playable Asian free-to-play with one hand" that showcases automated orders and travel, Aura Kingdom offers up a fantastic ease before heading level 50 changes the action. The content will be scarce and levels lie. It will require eagerness to link the daily quests and dungeons to be able to extract the ability points necessary to qualify to a higher level, when using the both hands to high-level authorities. The arrival of two new areas, Forest and Desert Sanssouci Sabl├ętoile should partly make amends for this deficiency of content, in parallel with batch of dungeons. Players level 40 can take pleasure in the joys of fishing. And true to the principles of MMORPG free-to-play, Aura Kingdom featuring different rankings in digital engraving marble top players. You can find every one of the news with the update of February 11 of Aura Kingdom to this particular address.