Title: Go to the Aura Kingdom beta pl
Description: The curtain rises on Aura Kingdom is imminent! Aeria Games, Game renowned editor online with free streaming to play, launched the sale of packs Founder his role massively multiplayer video game (MMORPG) within the anime style. With a community of fans whose excitement reached its climax together with the views in the artistic quality of the visual elements, Aura Kingdom sees the announcement on the beta Founders animate the start with the winter season. The Aura Kingdom Founders will forever leave their mark there with game items and exclusive items, as well as the ability to reserve the naming of their character ahead of the official release. Four types of Founder Packs can be found, each including exclusive usage of the beta on the Founders to get launched on 16 December. In addition, restricted usage of the closed beta is bound to all Founders. The latter will likely be launched just after the close with the beta from the Founders. It is obvious that a pack Founder may not be complete without many supporting valuables. Several objects for example Eliae mascot or mount Enraged spectrum available, plus an exclusive Eidolon that could never be obtainable in game! Platinum and Diamond Packs not merely offer virtual objects but goodies: a teddy to cuddle with Eliae and also a limited edition associated with an Aura card game Kingdom with unique illustrations. For more, click the link! Like each one of Aeria Games titles, Aura Kingdom can be acquired free to try out. Keep up with all the latest news around the beta, competitions and gifts within the page Facebook of