Title: Universal Studios Japan Teases
Description: Gamers and geeks around the globe are witnessing advances on the globe of amusement parks: in California and Florida, fans of Star Wars are preparing themselves with the Star–Wars-themed additions, but through the Pacific, Universal Studios Japan has released a teaser trailer for the upcoming Super Mario-themed Super Nintendo World. The trailer shows Mario making his way throughout the park, traversing pipes and collecting coins and ultimately hanging from your goal pole whilst the park operates beneath him. The iconic flag sits atop a platform that generally seems to mirror the iconic castle at Disney’s Magic Kingdom and provides attendees an area of reference whilst the travel during the entire park. The park appears to have every one of the essentials: mushrooms, Piranha Plants, and naturally, Bowser’s Castle. No rides are visible through the aerial shot, however, mentionened above previously in Thursday’s Groundbreaking Ceremony by Universal Studios Japan CEO J.L. Bonnier, the park is going to be inclusive and unique: “The new Nintendo-themed area can have different levels, and will also offer our guests an original experience, plus provide for our international and domestic guests an extensive immersive experience which should have attractions, retail, and restaurants.” Though they have not been depicted inside teaser, the Vice Chairman of Universal Parks and Resorts