Title: Aura Kingdom out of your shado
Description: We especially have in mind the studio X-Legend Entertainment to get already causing of Eternal Eden or Grand Fantasia . On the occasion of Otakon 2013 which had been held on last weekend in Baltimore (the 20 th edition from the show focused on anime and otaku culture), the developer and publisher Aeria Games unveiled Aura Kingdom . The next shimmering MMO developer out of your shadows and offers to immerse the ball player in a round and colorful world that is certainly "rich and detailed, incorporating bumps gigantic, exotic dungeons and colossal towers to climb." In terms of gameplay , the sport purports to depend on both a method pets scalable (they may be gradually gaining new abilities and powers), scalable skill trees (you may draw capacity from the ones from another class as selected initially) or dynamic combat mechanisms where mobility seems being a guarantee of success (perhaps the ability with the player in order to avoid enemy shots or immobilize his opponents). To date, it remains unclear when the experience will be launched, but already, Aeria Games says which the launch are going to be done jointly by French and English. By then, the overall game unfolds by using a mini site inviting the curious to join up for