Title: Last season was the most frust
Description: Mike Conley hopes that the Memphis Grizzlies will allow him to conduct comprehensive training this month. The suffering of the left heel made him lose the peak time of the year, and he was even more grateful for the game he had taken for granted. "Just like I lost my wallet and brought it back, now I can do something with it," Conley told Yahoo Sports at the US mini-train camp last month. When Conley was not there, the Grizzlies failed to continue the performance of the playoffs seven times in a row, while losing Zach Randolph and Tony Allen, which indirectly led to the class of David Fitzdale. And forced Marc Gasol to bear the brunt of the criticism of the team's failure. “This is the most frustrating year of my career, because I think that season, I have reached another level,” Conley told Yahoo Sports. “Mental, physical, competition... everything makes me Feeling, I have never played so well, I never felt that I had such a good performance in which season, but after that happened, it destroyed all my hopes." Conley will be 31 years old in October and will be his third year of a $150 million contract next season. He is eager to Buy NBA Live 19 Coins show that he can still recover. In the video, he even jumped to the height of the edge of the backboard. "We are doing the right thing, coming slowly, and this gives me plenty of time to prepare for the training camp. Spiritually, I am ready. Physically, I feel good and must work hard to keep up," Conley told Yahoo. Sports, "As a father, keeping a low profile gives me a unique perspective, like 'Hey! This is great! I can stay with my children, even though this is the bottom of my career.' At the same time, I I have a new motivation... I know I have dealt with this problem, I hope that I will not encounter any accidents in the future. I can play as before, and it took another year to contribute to my career, so I am very Excited." Conley played 31.1 minutes per game in the regular season last season and scored 17.1 points, 2.2 rebounds, 4.1 assists and 1.0 steals.