Title: They heard the voice of the te
Description: Earlier, Warriors coach Steve Kerr talked about the league's schedule. Cole believes that the league is listening to the voice of each team. In terms of schedule, the league made a good adjustment. In the new season, the Warriors only had 13 back-to-back games, a decrease from the previous season. In addition, the alliance arranges to NBA Live 19 Coins compete with different opponents in the same city, instead of splitting into the same city twice. For example, the Warriors will compete with the Knicks and the Nets in New York in late October, knowing that they need to fly to New York twice in the last season. In addition, the new season Warriors will stay in Los Angeles for four days, playing with the Clippers and the Lakers. Cole said: "This may be a good thing, it may be a bad thing, right?" In January next year, the Warriors will play a game with the Clippers on January 18th and then have a game with the Lakers on January 21. This means that the players have two days of rest in Los Angeles. Will Cole lead the team back to the Bay Area after the Clippers game to avoid players being disturbed by Los Angeles nightlife? Cole smiled and said: "We may have to remind them all the time." Subsequently, Cole praised the league's arrangement for the schedule. Cole said: "I also like that arrangement. I remember two years ago, we were the team with the most flight distance. This time we should be ranked 15th, considering that we are a Western team, I mean. Yes, I guess all the Western teams are in the top 15. I think the league really listened to the voices of the teams. As you said, playing a few games in the same city instead of Fly around in different places."