Title: If you using the cart alone
Description: Battle Royale received quite a few changes in patch v4.3, so here’s a brief breakdown of everything you need to know before you jump into your first game on the new patch.For a full look at everything that changed in Fortnite with the v4.3 update, you can check out Epic’s official patch notes. Shopping carts are here and they’re quick. Usable by either one player or two, shopping carts are drivable vehicles scattered around the Fortnite map. They help players move quickly and should be the perfect way to Cheap Fortnite Items escape and encroaching storm or sneak up on unsuspecting opponents. The driver of the shopping cart will always control its movements, while the passenger — riding in the basket — can fire their weapon. If you’re using the cart alone, you can also switch seats on the fly for some fancy plays.