Title: Earlier this week
Description: Earlier this week, the latest patch hit Epic Games' Fortnite and with it came quite a few datamined goodies for players to LOLGA uncover. Among the found loot in the data files were quite a few new cosmetic options, including a stylish pair of hazmat suits ready to explore that fallen meteor! Though not all of the datamined items have arrived in the store, two of them are now available and ready to be flaunted in game. The Hazard Agent Outfit and Outbreak Gear are now available for players to buy, and definitely makes uncovering the mysteries found in the Dusty Divot a little bit safer. Well, safe enough when people aren't shooting at you for their own shot at Victory Royale. From the earlier leak, seen here, these are only the tip of Cheap Fortnite Items the iceberg when it comes to new cosmetic items. Epic Games is definitely staying true to the comet theme that brought in Season 4 with a bang. Between this and the film-esque items, we can't wait to see what else the team has in store for their record-breaking online game!