Title: Since the establishment of the
Description: Since the establishment of the silver trousers award in UEFA in 2011, the Champions League, which has been dominated by the Western Super League, has made the Premier League, which has not won the big ear cup after 2012, particularly lost: the best selection of Premier League players in the 8th so far. The ranking is only the third of Suarez in 2015. It is also thanks to FUT 19 Coins the Uruguayan summer transfer to Barcelona in record value, which is the result of the topic of “MSN”. In this selection, African players are almost ignored. The Blues are on the Europa 2012, and Drogba, the number one key player in the team, is only ranked seventh, even if they all have African descent. The famous star has been selected in the top 10 of the silver trousers in history, and only Bogba is one, and the rankings are still after Drogba. Born in two award-winning deserts that are most unfamiliar to UEFA, Salah's difficulty in entering the top three is conceivable.