Title: Similar to the situation of th
Description: Similar to the situation of the Cowboys, if the Pirates can't get results this year, it will be their second consecutive bad season. The team won 9 victories in the 2016 season but missed the playoffs. Last season, the pirates only got 5 wins and 11 losses in the three teams in the playoffs. They ranked the bottom of the league, and everyone was blind and jealous. This has made the management feel awkward, even though The Pirates have not played in the playoffs for 10 consecutive seasons, but the team still chose to Buy Madden 19 Coins let Cote stay. However, if Kurt couldn't get anything in the 2018 season and couldn't get out of the quagmire of the losing streak, then it would be very likely that he would roll away. The way the Saints played in the playoffs was so overwhelming that they masked the team's performance during the regular season. Although the Saints team of the 2017 season is now mentioned, the fans must first think of the "Minneapolis miracle", but whether it is last season or the new season, the Saints are still on the rise.