Title: In February of this year
Description: In February of this year, the Philadelphia Eagles met with the Patriots in the 52nd Super Bowl. They defeated the Patriots with Bronte's anti-goal attack and won the first Lombardi Cup. This week, in the face of online media interviews, although Blount had a career peak in the Patriots, he believed that "there is no respect at all." In the "American Games" show on Blount said: "I don't like the ending there. I told them how much I want to Buy Madden 19 Coins stay there. I want to continue to work for them. I don't want to leave, but the y don't want to reach an agreement with me. I don't think I got a point. Respect is good.” Then Blount added that this is why he was “perfect” when he played for the eagle. In fact, the Patriots are not interested in Blount's interest, which is consistent with the team's team selection strategy after the season, they will never waste salary space on the running back. The former Tampa Bay Pirates player may have played brilliant moments under Brady, but his two-year rushing yards have been showing a downward trend, from 5.0 yards in 2013, 4. yards in 2014, then 4.3. Code, 3.9 yards. Despite the outstanding contribution in the end zone, the Patriots may not think that Blount is worthy of a raise.