Title: Walcott joined Arsenal from So
Description: But unfortunately, Everton vs West Ham came so FUT 19 Coins early that his rib injury failed to heal and he could not catch up with the league in time. However, Walcott is still very much looking forward to Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium. His experience of returning to the game last season was not pleasant, when Everton lost 1-5 to Arsenal. Walcott joined Arsenal from Southampton in 2006. In Arsenal's 12 years, he played 399 times for the team and scored 108 assists and 78 assists. Unfortunately, his honor book has only three FA Cup championships. And 2 times Charity Shield Cup champion. In addition, this weekend, Walcott missed the battle against West Ham, and the toffee coach Marco Sylva was also a blow. Although the team did not lose the game, but in three games, three draws, they need Walcott Such an attacker.