Title: Aaron Rogers was strangled in
Description: In the second quarter, the Bears first took a free kick with the advance of the first quarter, 10:0. The attacking team's offense seems to have fallen into a quagmire, and there is no effective promotion at all. To make matters worse, this season is just preparing for a comeback. Aaron Rogers was strangled in an offense, and his left leg was crushed to the ground by the defensive end of the Bears, Roy Robertson Harris. Due to Madden NFL 19 Coins the inability to continue the game, Rogers left the venue after leaving the game. The helpless packer can only send a backup quarterback DeShawn Kaiser. DeShawn Kaiser was in a hot state just after playing, and all the way to the front of the Bears line 8 yards. However, the linebacker Kelly Mark, who was just introduced from the Raiders before the season, took the ball directly from Kaiser and completed the interception. And before the end of the half, he again intercepted DeShawn Kaiser. This time, the Packing Team was not faced with a simple conversion of the ball. In the Packers’ 30 yards, the ball was taken by Carrill-Mark, who took the ball and ran the end zone and took the interception. Touchdown, 17:0.