Title: If you want to know how low th
Description: If you want to Buy Madden 19 Coins know how low the threshold of Cleveland Brown is, how bad this team is, let's not mention it in the past 1-31, give you a brief introduction. In fact, even if the Browns didn't win on Sunday, they still ushered in the best start in 14 years. A draw may not be a victory, but it is definitely not a failure. That's why the Browns' 0-0-1 still makes fans feel excited. Before the face of the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, the Browns had lost 13 consecutive openers. This means that the team will experience a 0-1 start every season starting in 2005. 21-21 draws the Steelers, the Browns have finally ended their losing streak, although no one issued free Budweiser beer on the streets of Cleveland, but in the streets of Kecheng, celebrations are still everywhere.