Title: That is not the mywowgold
Description: I lacked lots of scholo to gold wow classic get runes and strat for mount along with some other shit, it is not like you are not gaining anything from it. Got me exalted on two chars, free attunement/FrR crafting recipes really are a bonus (and 2 less marks for the 18 slot bag). You can acquire 2-3k rep from performing the intrusion event. The first hour of accomplishing this are the most rewarding due to one time pursuit drops. It's hard to state how much rep you'll be able to farm during that invasion event. Yes there's plenty of rep to be had but just how much is really achievable for any but the most sweaty is pretty hard to say as there's a limit on the amount of invasions which will occur and they're likely to be hard farmed. I'd say if you want to be sure you're going to be exalted before attunment then you probably want to be a lot nearer to exalted just in case. Perhaps 2-3k away instead of where you reside now. I don't understand any benefit to doing this early and my chief is stuck with full WBs til tomorrow night. . .but I am still racing to do my alts now today. Precisely the exact same reason they place in quartermaster ancient. That is not the way it buy classic wow gold works, there are those on my server who ganked exactly the same spot(s) for a year today.