Title: Attempt to buy Madden 21 coins
Description: You kidding? There is so many glitches in this Mut 21 coins game that have been in the previous 3 games it is so frustrating. The worst one is if your livelihood player will get simulated touches where it will not let you play when your men on the field. I discovered a way to get the ball back 40 percent of their time or better on kickoffs in Madden 21. I blatantly kick it short, usually received on round the 18, switch players instantly, appears to be my fb on kick coverage group, run him out in a wide arc to the left, missing all of the blockers, return in after the blockers, then struck on the hit stick right as I get to the returner, if I've missed all the blockers and get to him, he'll fumble every time and my coverage staff will recuperate it around the 30 yard line. I discovered it by accident. I've really only ever used it blatantly in such as week 17 if I have offensive players near statistical prospects or breaking documents How could I, the game doesn't even understand how football is supposed to work Do not get me wrong, I attempt to perform somewhat legit. I'm just calling out the fact the game will attempt to buy Madden 21 coins punish you for doing this Perhaps you have played with Madden 21? The game IS broken.