Title: It may not be the PSO2 Meseta
Description: I could kinda understand, and it may not be the PSO2 Meseta same but I do have some buddies who develop predatory games on cellular and that I also work coding for a business (mostly full stack web and microcontrollers as a hobby) so it's not a totally alien envionment. I probably did not express myself really nicely, but the matter is that since everyone is taking it as something normal (which honestly it kinda is in free to play with games), I would rather talk with my wallet along with time instead. In regards the ddos attacks. . At first I thought about it, I rather remembered how costly it would be about the long run for numerous days... Then I thought about using my company servers, then I remembered I rather like my job and gave me up. . lol. What is your purpose? If you realize this much, you understand that sega can not do shit about the buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta websites. All they could do is prohibit accounts.Cash grabs to me've always been the games that know they will fail but try to milk out as much money before they proceed, perfect example being Bless Online. That match was lifeless in every area it'd released and they hyped it up to launch in NA, billed for the box version + sub and had a cash store and the game expired in NA faster than any other region and officially shut down in just a year and a half.