Title: Nba 2k21 mt coming off a very
Description: I would not call a broken hand a major harm to be honest. I expect steph to return full speed and recover his status as second best point guard in the league very quickly Steph is nba 2k21 mt coming off a very long injury and in 32 he's probably already hit his ceiling. Dame literally went Supernova this season and can be peaking in his prime in 30. It is like a mugshot for the matrix. Bro thats what makes me soooo sad about 2k. The core of the game is SUPER FUN. The graphics are getting lifelike. But they add so much things that simply muddles the game. Pretty cool to watch Dame at such a high rating honestly Some people today refuse to see Dame as an elite player because he does not play in a big industry. Those people are stupid He puts him in the top 8 players around there and keep in mind he's tied with score from players 5-8. Just 4 players possess a higher rating, Giannis, Harden, LBJ, and Kawhi. KD should be higher when wholesome. If you're coming off buy mt nba 2k21 a season ending injury you deserve to be lower than your peak. I really don't think you could assert KD coming off the worst injury a basketball player can endure deserves to be greater than 4 points off of their best possible evaluation.