Title: I believe part of the pso2ah
Description: As someone who played with JP years back and has been thoroughly enjoying PSO2 NA, you have to understand that Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta is a small conundrum when it comes to game design. PSO2 in and of itself is archaic and clunky as hell at this point, if you are willing to accept all that (especially for 8 years) then I really don't know exactly what to tell you. You state do not want to lose out on new experiences, but how do experience truly be new if you're permitted to just skip everything in a new adventure? Again, alotta of your stuff will transfer, we dont know how much exactly yet tho. You still have likely over a year to appreciate your current stuff. I also really REALLY doubt ANY devs are looking to PSO2 for inspiration on their business practices. Destiny veterans who lost all of their equipment in the transition to Destiny 2 might like to say hello. At least here you'll have to carry over a lot of your things, rather than needing to start entirely from scratch.You realize Ac and ac things aren't the same thing, obtaining a gift card for a shop really isn't the same as owning something from a store. I believe part of the buy PSO2 Meseta matter is you framing it using the phrase"investment" An investment is something which you that you see a return . Digital rabbit ears and bikini outfits aren't gonna make you more money than you invested.