Title: Make the nba 2k21 mt
Description: Perhaps it does not affect them, but they definitely won't be getting MY money at least. I really didn't believe that they could discover a means to make the nba 2k21 mt game any less enjoyable or playable, but they certainly did. Sigh. Nah main. I am putting all my money into following gen. I already know the present gen is not gonna be something good, and the fact that rep does not carry over was the nail in the coffin. 2k sub is sterile with this evaluation lmaooo sorry you didn't watch dame have one of his finest seasons and flashlight the bubble Entirely I feel like everyone should know that Steph coming back from a year off, after a significant accident isn't likely to be precisely the same for sure! And dame is peak still indeed! I wouldn't predict a busted hand a significant harm to be fair. I expect steph to return full speed and regain his position as second best point guard in the league very fast Not likely! Steph is coming off a very long injury and in 32 he's probably already hit on his ceiling. Dame literally travelled Supernova this season and can be peaking in his prime in 30. Only looked at the 2k sub and my god lmao cheap nba 2k21 mt coins lovers aren't exactly the same as NBA lovers. Bro thats exactly what makes me soooo sad about 2k. The center of the game is SUPER FUN. The graphics are getting lifelike. But they add as much stuff that just muddles the match.