Title: OSRS gold Reddit on your meme
Description: Whilst I commend your ability to shitpost on 100 accounts in the Exact Same moment, posting on OSRS gold Reddit on your meme doesn't grant it any legitimacy from promoting your spoils to the black market (that goes for the 42069m you smoked today, also ) It is the new copy pasta, not the copy pasta we lacked but the copy pasta we needed.Don't expect him to be a wonderful person. Still greater than the usual VayneTop to be fair.Please stop playing riven shirt, your not faker and you feed my bronze v games. Uhg take me back to year 3 assassin one shooter , at least you would not get one shot by a tank only sitting with sunfire aegis.Wait that really is the assassin 1 shot meta right now.Thats the whole game tho haha shield the haul, let him perform many dmg and push victory. Season 3 was actually the construct tank on damage heros from the jungle and 1 shot the whole enemy group regardless.Make the spear traps do 98 harm when you neglect them as a anti-botting step. To be fair, locking PP entirely behind the Icthlarin's Little Helper, instead of just beginning the quest could help small bit (obviously we would want the robots just prohibited but ye). Wow, and also make dharoks the buy runescape mobile gold superior pyramid plunder gear?Why don't they simply produce the pharaoh's sceptre out of 4th space only? Hell only ironman search for them.But who is even out here buying so many sceptres tho? It's just a moneymaker if people are buying right? Just how a number of these items do people desire.