Title: The objective of the nba 2k21
Description: I appreciate this comment. The objective of the nba 2k21 mt league is to make a league which feels more authentic. The issue the 2kleague has is that even though they have the best players on earth, they can't get ratings since that style of play just isn't that fun to observe. What's up guy? It's a no bullshit league though, community vibe and we have zero tolerance towards poisonous men and women. If you're ever interested in checking out our website and believe it is something on your path, feel free to tell me. Could work, my team that I was in had a rule of no setting displays for the ball handler during the past ten minutes of the shot clock. And games would be recorded so the person who owns the league could confirm. Yep I completely hear you and I bet it will work. You may have to be dilligent about buy nba 2k21 mt coins handing out forfeits or even black list people that maintain breaking principles, the rules you've got the more folks will try to violate them but I also know there are cool folks out there which would not have any trouble following these principles and would like this type of league, myself included tho I don't have playstation otherwise I would be on it.