Title: With the Mut 21 coins
Description: Free Agency. . Make it even more exciting! You compete with groups together with the Mut 21 coins points system based off your offer to the player however about: Your teams marketplace can play a big part in signing someone. Depending on the player. Injured players will probably be more economical and sign smaller deals or even only a minimal to prove themselves. Give the Create-A-Player system a complete makeover. Most players seem like they lost five gallons of blood or their minds are the size of a plum. Give us more styles, more body contours, running fashions, departure designs, etc.. Edit: Added a couple more and it's mostly off the top of my head and what my friends and I've talked about. So much. Also if they just worked on uniforms (create them go slightly independent of the buy Madden 21 coins player, flap at the wind, so that they feel like clothes hanging off of a player and not a uniform paint job on a model). . Think hair physics but with outfits.