Subject: evaluate the time has been all-around
Content: stroll around, evaluate the time has been all-around three points, is interested in carry the bus into the dorm because a police car stopped face-to-face with me, down three wearing police uniforms security officer, which is actually set out his hat on nike air max 2012 my head, wrist road, anyone with a battle here yesterday, chopped a man along with a woman, my thoughts immediately are messy, but nevertheless relatively sober, I believe you say anything, I totally miss, before I finish, acquired the baton at a policing superego fight over, I dodge, but hit the police car's glass, after which hear a loud uproar , glass broken, arrived lot of people gathered around to look at, revealing, I don't fit interpretation, or perhaps envy don't say a word, from burst of stalemate, installed me risking a police car. Arrived at individuals Security Bureau, the 2 main major women nike air max 2013 doing the interrogation room, I secretly depiction of the day to be able to! In which a woman seriously isn't throughout our dorm with this guy touching woman? How here? Then that door creak is heard, arriving in an awfully thin man, holding a mug of tea, over called out precisely what the 'flower girls, produce a cup of joe ...' I suddenly realized, that woman was required to execute line, both is actually by your relationship considering the Public Security Bureau wouldn't guess wrong, a man needs to be the presiding judge of the usb ports! He don't judge me, won't often see my presence, nonetheless the woman plus the two chatted, some very ambiguous topic, i quickly nike free run would explain to you to pay attention, woman, said Han brother, this month we go on a passenger sisters little, which can be one half of better than 10000, the dollars you first of all get, so a short while to give you send some over, the presiding judge said, flower girls, the thing is, you say we have now what friendship, after careful, on this occasion the analysis is pretty strict, do not ever reveal his true, as i simply cannot assist you, at the side of women, then, Han brother, recently there are several girls come and do, are pure and wonderful long to build an appearance, you can find personal, when you experience some time, nike shox r3 ah, you will have time to come sit, I add fresh, the presiding judge examined me, both about the TV drama one woman said, you first give back, I'll last a later date, the instantaneous two woman then left, presently me started tense up, not being totally sure and then happen next? Both the woman left, the presiding judge stood up, the stage of a cigarette, walked face-to-face with me, a slap in the face to flash over, I didnt sufficient to dodge, nike shox roadster 12 he snapped to, put your card out, I brought out a card to him, he seen that Gansu Tianshui; is not ...... his words, he wouldn't repeat the next exit, directly decided on all the other room, as he came and smiled and told me to fill out an info ,