Subject: Crackling/popping audio on built PC !
Content: hello, So I built my own PC a few months back and have had virtually no issues until about 2 weeks ago. Out of no where I've been getting odd audio issues. I,m getting crackling and popping sounds in both my headset and surround sound speakers. Ive been using both of these since the day I built my PC and have no issues previously. Ive noticed the audio issues not always occur. Sometimes when i restart my PC they go away, sometimes they are infrequent, and sometimes they are constant. In an attempt to solve the problem I have been using LatencyMon to see what they issue may be and LatencyMon says that my computer is fine and shouldnt be experiencing audio dropouts yet it clearly is. The problem is significantly more noticeable while playing games, namely Shadow of War, but is not exclusive to games or this game. Thanks! For More You Can Check: video animation