Subject: Biomass Burn Back Problem ?
Content: hello, I wondered if anyone had some experiance of biomass I could draw from. We have an intermittent problem with a Herz Firematic 199kW biomass boiler running on wood chip. We have two issues (which may or not not be linked).Given that the fuel in the end of the stoker auger directly contacts the burning fuel I don't understand how the boiler is supposed to stop the fuel burning back down the auger. Could it be an air leak which is 'fuelling' the stoker auger burn when the boiler is idling? Could it be that the fuel is too dry and this causes to to burn back? (even though I initially thought issue 1 was down to fuel being too wet). The boiler frequently runs fine with no issues so the problems don't always exist, it does this every few weeks. Any assistance would be appreciated. Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. Reference: business profile examples