Subject: Looking for Great Blu Ray Ripping Software
Content: hello, I was using a really nice one from Aieesoft a while back but then they weren't allowed to support it in the U.S.and it stopped working. Then I moved to Magic Blue Ray Ripper but that only worked part of the time. I've been using Make MKV and VLC player to rip/format my movies onto my server but I'd like something easier if there is something. I've found that sometimes I can't find the proper key to rip and then scenes are out of order; or in some instances after a while the audio falls out of sync with the video. I'd like to minimize the trial and error while ripping.  Additionally, if anyone can recommend the best format for both audio and video to rip them into I would appreciate it. I'm not worried about transcoding - my media server is powerful enough to transcode on the fly. Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: Corporate Explainer Examples