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Content: he treatment of wastewater can result in a variety of unwanted and hazardous gases  , such as H2S and SO2. As the application specialists, NIS-CO Fan has the expertise needed to supply the proper air moving equipment that is specifically designed for resisting the corrosive nature of these compounds. In other pollution control systems, our fans are installed on the clean side, which offer a higher efficiency design for moving gases into a scrubber or other device. One of the major challenges in wastewater and sewage treatment plants is controlling the odors that are emitted. These plants are often located in residential areas and forced to adhere to strict codes and regulations. These odors are caused by gases such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. To reduce odor emissions a variety of systems have been found effective, such as thermal oxidation, chemical scrubbers and biofilters. The fan requirements in these processes are similar in that they require special alloys, coatings or fiberglass construction. Through decomposition, landfills produce syngas  , a combination of methane carbon monoxide, and other hazardous gases. To avoid dangerously high levels of these gases, forced draft fans are used to drive fresh air into the landfill mass. Induced draft fans are also used for pulling noxious gases out of the landfill for safe disposal or for collecting them as a fuel source. The fans used in these applications often require special materials or coatings along with spark resistant construction. Depending on your specific needs, Twin City Fan will work with you to select the proper air moving equipment. High volume, low concentration or non-condensable gases refers to gases that are in concentrations below their explosion limit. These gases are drawn through an induced draft fan and then processed with a RTO (regenerative thermal oxidizer) or incinerator that ultimately burns the gases for safe disposal. HVLC gases are often corrosive and at elevated temperatures, that is why we provide a number of fans that are corrosion resistant. In addition, we offer leak-tight construction to avoid emitting these toxic, flammable gases into the environment. In the case that these gases are above their explosion limit  , NIS-CO Fan supplies a full line of non-sparking fans that allow for the safe movement of hazardous gases. Based on your specific requirements, our fans can be constructed with aluminum and monel materials. In a manufacturing environment, vacuum systems are used to move and transport waste material. Sawdust, metal shavings, and other waste is easily transported away from work areas to a specified collection point for simplified clean up and removal. Vacuum systems are also used to provide suction for the manipulation of components, various materials and forming processes. These systems usually consist of long runs of relatively small diameter pipe or ducting. This results in the need for high pressure low flow fans. Boilers are used in a variety of industries for producing heat and energy. Many boiler applications will burn fuel readily available on site, such a byproduct from the given process. An example of this is Bagasse, which is a fibrous matter that remains after sugarcane is processed to extract their juices. The bagasse is a biofuel used for many boiler applications. Fans in boiler applications are forced draft  , induced draft, over fire air and combustion air. At this juncture it is prudent to reiterate that a fan running at a particular speed can have an infinite number of operating points all along its characteristic curve. The fan will interact with the system to produce an operating point at the intersection of the system curve and the fan curve. Note that it is the system in which the fan is installed that will determine the operating point on the fan curve. Thus it is vitally important that the system designer accurately determine the system losses in order to ensure that the actual air flow rate is as close as possible to the design air flow rate. For additional information please refer to http:www.ventilatingmanufacturers Oleg Tchechel Designer of Industrial Process Ventilation Equipment nis-co@nis-co NIS-CO Fan Co. http:www.ventilatingproductsindustrialfan_blowers http:www.ventilatingproductsventilators Spring cleaning is a ritual for most American homes and is a good excuse for offices to clear out their junk too. 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