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Content: But where to choose? With more and more people flocking overseas each year  , it’s easy to forget that, in the United Kingdom, there is a wealth of remarkable and interesting places right here on our home turf – absolute jewels, all worthy of a visit and all capable of providing you with a holiday of a lifetime. From the peace and tranquillity of the lochs of Scotland, to the thrilling hubbub of the city, the United Kingdom has something to offer everyone. If you’re a bit of a fun-seeker or a party animal, why not try one of the UK’s favourite hotspots, Blackpool? There’s plenty to do and see, for young and old alike; the legendary Tower on the Promenade, presenting a panoramic view of this exceptional town during the day and entertainment galore by night; the world famous Tower Ballroom for those with a yen for glitz and glamour; the Pleasure Beach (fabulous for the kids and for Bingo lovers); not to mention the Golden Mile that runs alongside the beachfront, offering a host of attractions. If, on the other hand, your leaning is more towards the cultural  , you can do no better than to take in the delights of our wonderful capital. London has something to appeal to all tastes and ages and is crammed with historic buildings, museums, art galleries, theatres, fabulous restaurants, superb shops, great nightlife… you could spend a month enjoying the many facets of this fascinating city and still not even have scratched the surface. And a London break needn’t cost a fortune. Included in the booking price for many hotels are tickets to some of the most popular attractions… top shows, Madame Tussauds, the London Eye, the Tower of London and Kensington Palace to name but a few – all offering terrific value for money. Of course, the buzz of the big city is not everyone’s cup of tea. If sport is more your scene, you may prefer something like a golf break in the heart of Burns country, in Scotland. Here  , courtesy of some hotels, you can indulge in unlimited hours devoted to your favourite pastime, played on any one of several courses, whilst at the same time enjoying the magnificent views. Or you may prefer to take off to a country retreat in Bath, explore the historic spa town, relax in a luxurious and elegant setting and simply pamper yourself. For some, a holiday is just not a holiday if it’s not by the seaside. We’re very fortunate that, in the UK, we have so many beautiful coastal resorts to choose from. Take, for example, the breathtaking Cornish coast. You’ll be hard pushed to find anything to equal its rugged beauty, white sandy beaches and azure seas. It’s the perfect place to relax, and all that fresh sea air is guaranteed to give you a hearty appetite. Have you noticed how much better everything tastes when you’re by the sea – especially when cooked by someone else and served in the comfort of your hotel? After a great deal of pondering  , John whisks Margaret off for a romantic break at a fabulous and very friendly hotel in the Lake District, surrounded by mountains. They’re greeted with champagne and flowers on arrival, sample some excellent local cuisine, take gentle strolls through the glorious gardens and explore some of the incredible countryside nearby. At the end of a truly relaxing holiday, Margaret sighs and says it has all been perfect, and John has to admit that he’s had a wonderful time. He doesn’t even have any regrets about missing out on performing his Saturday Night Fever routine. 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